There’s at least one at every school. Ugh. Bullies. Most kids get bullied at some point in their lives. For anyone who has been pushed, teased, or taunted, you know that it can make you feel scared, angry, and embarrassed. The fear of confronting a bully can get so bad that some kids get physically sick over the situation. If you’re being bullied, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone and that you can do something about it.

Avoid the bully. No one is suggesting that you skip school or not go to a party just to avoid seeing someone. In fact, you should purposely not not go! Just know that you aren’t a coward if you choose to take a longer path to lunch or hang out in the library during recess to steer clear of the person bothering you. Sometimes it’s just plain smart.

Find a friend. There’s safety in numbers. Keep a good friend close during lunch, recess, or on your way home. Some bullies will leave you alone if someone else is around. Offer to do the same for your friends if they get bullied.

Ignore the bully. When she starts her tease-fest, ignore it. Easier said than done, but bullies are looking to get a rise out of you. Pretend you can’t hear what she’s saying and leave the area immediately.

Put on a brave face. You may not feel brave, but if you act like you have courage, your feelings will follow. Yelling “No!” is a good way to act like you’re strong.

Tell an adult. This is very important. Don’t worry that kids will think you’re a tattletale. Chances are, other kids are also being bullied. Teachers and parents need to know if someone is threatening you. It’s their job to protect you, so let them do it!

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