9 Ways To Flirt With Your Boyfriend

It’s not because you’ve been with your man for a while that you have to stop flirting with him. So, ladies, get started!

1- Leave a note of love on the mirror

Using a dry erase marker (or even a lipstick!), Leave a note of love on the bathroom mirror. Say “I love you” or “Thanks for last night” or “I miss you already …”

2- Kisses in the car at traffic lights

Attention that always makes its small effect. And do not forget, do at least a 15-second kiss a day to ward off your couple’s gloom.

3- Have a passphrase

Do you want to tell him he’s handsome and sexy? Do you want to jump on him? Try a secret code, such as “It’s time to empty the car” no one else will understand what you mean other than himself. So you can say it in front of the kids, in front of your parents, anyone in fact. !

4- Excite it – but not in public!

Does he often watch television? Still on his phone to read his mails? Approach him and make him mad about you. You will need more daring, but it’s a lot of fun to do. For example, when you sponge the ground, wear a miniskirt, put on all fours, make movements back and forth …

5- Let your feet venture

When you are at the restaurant, in a table with tablecloths, take off your shoes and let your toes explore his legs.

6- texting your boyfriend

Here’s what you can do now, even if he’s not at home! Text him about anything – lyrics, memories, what you wear, what you think. You do not have to make things look too much-if you’re afraid someone sees the message-but you can use your passphrase. Men like to feel that we think of them and want them. It is often easier for women to say “I love you” than to say “I want you”. But your man wants to hear both! No need to harass him either!

7- Tap her buttocks

When he passes near you, pat her pretty little buttocks.

8- Have your boyfriend choose your panties for the day

If he chooses, he will not stop imagining you all day. One way to make him think only of you all day.

9- Play anything

Turn any game into oleo game. To do this, simply add “strip” at the beginning of each game. Strip Battleship (a garment for each sunken ship) … Try some of these ideas to get out of your usual routine, your couple will only get better 😉

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