9 Bad Foods That Are Actually Good for You

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle stuffing your face with chocolate and pasta probably isn’t part of your diet but what if you were missing out on hidden health benefits just because you’ve been told all your life that these foods are bad foods you may be surprised to learn that the foods you always thought were bad for you have some surprisingly redeemable qualities

9- canned veggies

eating canned vegetables is a cheap easy way to get your daily serving of veggies but for most of your life you’ve been told that fresh veggies are always a better alternative veggies that haven’t been tampered with have many vitamins and nutrients and typically aren’t riddled with preservatives if they’re organic that is but believe it or not there are some canned vegetables that can still provide you with important nutrients in 2014 the american journal of lifestyle medicine conducted research to find out if canned vegetables are worse for you than fresh produce turns out they’re just as good the study found that the vegetables in cans are fine it’s what’s added to the cans of vegetables that can be harmful to avoid canned veggies that have harmful ingredients opt for low sodium and no salt added versions Wow it’s still good to eat fresh veggies eating canned veggies from time to time won’t be harmful to you

8- Chocolate

it’s no secret that chocolate is an indulgence even as a kid you were told that you couldn’t eat your chocolate dessert without finishing your dinner but a lot of people don’t know that chocolate actually holds compounds that are great for brain function heart health and your mood it’s important to note that this beneficial chocolate can’t be found in your everyday treats like Snickers bars and chocolate chip cookies dark chocolate or chocolate with the least amount of sugar added is the kind that has all the good stuff according to a study conducted in 2010 at Swinburne University in Australia the cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate can improve cognitive function especially in high pressure stressful situations in addition to cognitive function dark chocolate has also been proven to help with blood circulation since the polyphenols in cocoa can lead to better cholesterol levels so next time you have a hankering for some chocolate try munching on a small amount of dark chocolate instead of the sugary bars you find next to the register at the supermarket


when you’re hungry nothing sounds better than a heaping bowl of delicious pasta mmm but if you’re looking to go easy on the carbs bowls of pasta become a thing of the past but dry your tears pasta may not be as bad for you as you think in moderation pasta isn’t that bad for you and that’s what a study published online in the nutrition and diabetes health journal in 2006 stated after studying 14000 participants in and around the Mediterranean region researchers found the people who ate pasta on a regular basis were able to stick to a balanced healthy diet more easily additionally they had lower BMI and smaller waist lines who would have thought it however there are ways to make pasta really unhealthy by adding sugary creamy sauces and forgetting to balance them with protein and vegetables when making pasta at home try to stick to vegetable based sauces and don’t forget to add veggies as well Oh miss you chicken alfredo

6- Wine

as we’re on the topic of pasta who can resist a little glass of wine to wash it down while alcohol is typically not at the top of the list when it comes to healthy food one glass of wine a day isn’t that unreasonable people who drink small amounts of wine on a regular basis have been known to have a lesser risk of heart disease and some cancers but as with all foods both good and bad moderation is incredibly important if you love drinking wine with your dinner limit yourself to no more than one glass a day if you’re a woman and no more than two glasses if you’re a man you best leave those tequila shots for special occasions

5- smoothies

if you get a smoothie at the food court at the mall you’d better believe you’re getting more than enough sugar and dairy then you need in a day a lot of fast food smoothie joints add milk cream and even ice cream to their smoothies and shakes but if you love a good smoothie all hope is not lost next time you order a smoothie request that they make it with 100% fruit or yogurt that way there’s not so much sugar or dairy and you’ll still benefit from the fresh fruit better yet make all fruit smoothies at home with unsweetened almond milk or other dairy alternatives but be careful eating too much fruit can make you gain weight thanks to its sugar content fruits like bananas and apples have extra sugar that may make your blood sugar level spike offer fruits like blueberries raspberries and blackberries as they have less sugar and can help with inflammation and weight loss

4- Coffee

There’s a reason why people all over the world have been enjoying coffee for centuries in moderation coffee offers a wide variety of benefits from preventing Parkinson’s disease to helping liver function and even preventing your chances of having a stroke according to Hopkins Medicine org but if you’re a coffee drinker and have a cup or two every day how do you know if you’re overdoing it the Dietary Guidelines for Americans says it’s okay for healthy adults to drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day as long as they don’t exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine that averages to about 95 milligrams a cup a quick way to make your daily cup of joe bad for you is by adding copious amounts of cream sugar and sweeteners yes even the artificial ones artificial sweeteners like sweet and low often contain chemicals that can cause health problems and even become addictive if you know you’re sensitive to caffeine opt for coffee blends with low amounts of caffeine or decaf nobody wants to suffer from the jitters

3- Red Meat

When it comes to eating red meat red meat hasn’t gotten the best rep since it’s often high in saturated fat people tend to steer clear however in moderation red meat offers plenty of benefits just as chicken and other meats do according to Sherry Kasper our DN a registered dietician red meat can give you the protein and iron you need but it’s all about how you prepare and eat it when buying red meat to cook at home buying lean cuts and use them in recipes that call for healthy amounts of vegetables you can make delicious meatballs burger patties and even tacos with a small amount of red meat mixed with healthy veggies making your delicious dishes way better for you

2- Bread

similarly to pasta most diets out there today paint bread to be the worst thing you could possibly eat carbs be gone while eating tons of white bread full of empty carbs doesn’t offer much value whole-grain breads can offer you the essential vitamins your body craves wondering about which breads to choose Kari Walder Rd is the founder of Walder Wellness and she suggest picking whole wheat breads that are chock full of complex carbs fiber iron and magnesium the trick to finding healthier bread is to look at the ingredients if it lists whole wheat as its first ingredient it’s likely a great source of fiber and a good choice but as with any food don’t eat too much of it or it could lead to weight gain

1- Potatoes

you know it sounds really good a large order of hot fries while this fast-food guilty pleasure is a hard one to resist thinking about the amount of oil and preservatives that go into them isn’t all that appealing if you’re a potato lover there are all kinds of great recipes out there that have way more nutritional value than a basket of fries or potato chips potatoes are rich in potassium vitamin C and fiber and this is especially true if they’re prepared with the skin still on them as long as you get a moderate amount of potatoes with your meals that are either boiled or baked you can be sure you’re making a healthy choice if you’re missing the salty flavor of potato chips and fries sprinkle your baked potato dishes with olive oil and fresh herbs delicious

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