7 Questions You Should Actually Ask On A First Date

Knowing what questions to ask on a first date is important because many men do not know what to talk about and fear to mess up this first date.

If you got an appointment with a woman, congratulations. You are a good one.

Nowadays, I think it is rather rare to meet an interesting woman. That’s why you should not miss out on your first appointments .

There are two important points to focus on during a date:

1- Know if there is a  connection between you and the girl.

2- Find out if you have something in common .

I will reveal the open questions that will have to be asked during your appointment. You can better know the person sitting in front of you, and know if it can do it between you. 
If it’s the woman of your life, it would be stupid to miss it!

There are 7 issues to focus on. Here they are :

1) Have you had a good day?

Why this question boat? Because it is simple, but effective .

Many men stress before their appointments with girls. This banal question (and boring, I admit) makes it possible to begin the conversation in a polite way. You show that you are a confident man and  that you know how to lead the conversation by setting the stage for the future.

2) What type of vacation do you prefer?

This question is super convenient because it allows you to talk about your respective trips . For hours, you can tell the stories  of your favorite destinations, reveal the country in which she dreams of living … Travel represent an almost inexhaustible source of topics to address .

For example, you can ask her if she prefers stays at the beach and at the hotel, or if she is more adventurous in Road-trip mode! You’ll know if you’re vacation-compatible.

Speaking of travel, you will touch the NLP without even realizing it. When the girl talks about her trips, she will relive the intense moments she experienced by remembering them.

3) Tell me about your friends

This question will help you learn more about the people around you. You’ll learn more about her personality , whether she has a lot of friends and often goes out to party, or if she prefers TV nights with her childhood friend.

‘Tell me about your friends’ will not answer the question more than ‘tell me about you’, that she might have heard 600 times already.

4) What is your big passion?

This question is essential . Why ? Because with her answer, you will know if a subject  really fascinates her and if she gives herself the means to live deeply her passion.

By asking this question, you will discover one thing: Lots of people do not have real passion in life. Many work the day, some go to the gym, and it often stops there.

Falling on a person who is 100% passionate about a particular subject, it is quite rare, whether for women or men.

Personally, when a woman tells me that she has a passion , whether for cats or for drawing, my interest grows at once!

5) Do you want to taste my dish?

During a first date, I ordered an exquisite dish. The girl sitting in front of me was squinting on it. I saw that she wanted to taste it but she dared not ask me.

I offered him to taste it, politely. A few months later, while I was in a relationship with this girl, she told me that she knew I was made for her from the moment I offered to share my dish .

Since this anecdote, I always propose to the girl to share my dish . If you do the same thing, you will make him understand that you are someone who shares with others.

6) Do you smoke, drink or take drugs?

Personally, I hate women who smoke. The smell of smoke is repugnant to me .

When I was a teenager, my grandfather left because of throat cancer , caused by smoking .Since then, I no longer tolerate having a partner who smokes. It’s a personal opinion , of course.

If you are clean, the fact that the girl smokes or drugs can create a gap between you. 
Many people take drugs, know that this is a topic to address if you want to build something serious with your partner.

7) Do you see someone right now?

The purpose of this question is to really find out who your contact person is . At the time of Tinder , Facebook, Instagram and all other applications, women have access to a whole regiment of men waiting for them.

Men and women often play a double game . They see many people at the same time so that they can choose the right one. You will immediately find the girl in front of you when she answers you.

Many will answer you no , they do not see anyone except you. In most cases, they will  lie . Secretly, I hope that the girl will answer me ”  YES , I see other men”.

Why ? It may seem insane. But his frankness will prove his honesty .

I respect the girl because we are not in a relationship, I can not fault anything. This question is fantastic because it shows that you’re a  frank  and  honest .

In return, be it you too. If you meet other girls right now, tell him. Trust has to go both ways.

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