3 Tips To Negotiate And Persuade Better.

NEGOTIATING ISN’T JUST SOMETHING your mom and dad do when they want a raise at work. You need to learn to put this important tool to work in your life at home and school! Negotiating is a process where two different people talk until they come to an agreement where you both feel like you won. Let’s not waste another second! Here are some tips to help you negotiate.

  1. Know what you want. This might sound simple, but Amy says, “This is the hardest part of the process, because you really have to think about what would make you happy.” Do you really want that new shirt? Or if you consider the situation, do you find yourself asking for one item every month? Maybe this means you really want a raise in your allowance so you can manage how you spend your money. Make sure you have your true end goal in sight.
  2. Think very hard about what the other person wants. This isn’t easy either. You need to get inside the brain of the person you are negotiating with—what could you give them in return? “You’ll be in a position of power if you can anticipate what they are going to want,” Amy explains. In the example of your raise in allowance, perhaps you know that your parents really want you to babysit your little sister. That’s a start.
  3. Know what you are willing to give up. “And always ask for more than you want,” Amy counsels. Here’s where you seal the deal: So you want a raise in your allowance and know your parents want you to babysit. You would be willing to babysit every other week for that extra cash, so you offer to babysit once a month. They say, “No way!” and ask you to sit for your sister once a week. You meet them in the middle and agree to every other week. Your original goal! You get your money, your parents get a sitter, and your sister has an awesome role model. Like Amy says, everybody wins.

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